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This association with its aims of protection and in assistance with the related formal and legal organizations in the country is trying to hold the first bodyguard course with an intention to maintain the security and comfort of family. These training courses shall be conducted within two days, each day eight hours by the first grade security tutors in Iran.

1-      The reason of attending these classes is only to get familiar with the right techniques of self-defending and the necessity of acquisition for oneself and his family.

2-      Citizenship rights in defense, the role of physical readiness and body building in success, in individual and in stress management.

3-      Identification of different threats and protective measures using minimum possibilities and the security important techniques.

4-      Training of defense against the attack of family members or a useful confronting with the nasty and rough people and unarming without bringing harm to them.

5-      Becoming familiar with first aids and giving an aid to injured persons.

6-      Protecting from street fights with right management.

An eight hours training course shall be conducted at the Tehran University during July, 2013. The tuition fee is 200,000 Thomans for regular attendees and is 20% off for the Basij members. At the end of classes the attendees shall be given certificates.

Important Contents

Women Self-Defence

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